…is a hearing in the County Court at Law Three. The reason for the hearing is because Judge Duble refuses perform a ministerial duty to vacate a void order. Because he was constitutionally disqualified under the Texas Constitution. Judicial constitutional disqualification is based on three things and three things only and they have been set… Continue reading

Diggin up Bones 🦴

This is a story about corruption, mostly within the community of Harris County Democrats, most of whom are elected officials. And how they ignore clear injustice in the face of corruption in order to protect their own interests. The façade that so many have been blinded by, the duties for which they took an oath,… Continue reading

The Texas Bar “Justice Court Section” Chaired by… Eviction Lawyers?

Has anyone noticed that the Texas Bar “Section” for JP Courts is chaired by a bunch of attorneys that dedicate their practice solely to representing real estate developers and landlords for evictions and other matters? While some some lawyers practice “Landlord Tenant” law, and represent parties on both sides (although as a Plaintiff tenant it… Continue reading