Everyone Waive at the Bone 🦴 Yard


from: me
to: Bob Bone 🦴 of O’Conor Mason and Bone 🦴 TEXAS Law
date: October 19, 2023, 9:51pm
subject: waiver of service

please indicate if you will waive service for case 1210804 in Harry County Court 3.

if so, reply with yes and let me know if I can send the waiver of service form or if Meredith will do that.

from: Bob Bone 🦴 of O’Conor Mason and Bone 🦴 TEXAS Law
to: me
date: October 19, 2023, 10:27pm

Ms. Grubbs – I am not sure who you are referring to with respect to “Meredith”.  If you are referring to my firm’s former employee Meredith Furnish, she has not been an employee of our firm for some time now. 

My clients have not authorized our offices to “waive” anything with respect to you and your various litigation efforts.  Suffice to say – to the extent you are asking for any kind of accommodation of any of your obligations as a civil litigant under the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, my clients will not agree to any such “waiver”.  You will be held to the same standards, practices, expectations, thresholds and deadlines as any other litigant in civil litigation in Texas.

So – in sum: no, not only is my office not authorized to “waive” service, I am confident in saying that my client will not “waive” service.  Hopefully this response is definitive enough for you to erase any question or doubt for you as to whether my client, my office or “Meredith” will waive service.

Bob Bone

There is SO MUCH wrong with this email I can’t even start on it yet.

But I can show you the docket in Judge Lashawn Williams court, Harris County Civil Court 3. This is for my mandamus petition with real party in interest, Arel Capital. See those requests for citation? Ya those haven’t happened.

  • First it was because the judge needs to sign them.
  • Then it was because, oh “we don’t issue citations for this type of case.”
  • Then, when I found a case similar to mine, I told the clerk that “citations were sent out for a case very where the parties were similar to mine and gave her the case number…”
  • The court put me on hold for four minutes and came back and said “OH THOSE WERE ISSUED BY MISTAKE.”

Keep in mind Judge Duble and Bob 🦴 are aware of all this happening because they are being e-served and I am emailing them my motions like I’m supposed to.

For Halloween I’m going to be Corruption. 🦴 Crying corruption. 😿

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