Minnesota District Court and Eighth Circuit Discrimination versus S.D. New York Chief Judge Laura Swain

In a in New York case styled so as to avoid immediately recognizing the defendant, and which includes mortgage servicer PHH Mortgage Corporation, what was immediately recognized is the fact that the case relates to venue. Southern District of New York United States Chief Judge Laura Taylor Swain transferred the civil lawsuit, and in doing so she applied the law correctly (“Under Section 1404(a), transfer appears to be appropriate in this case.”).

See; Keita v. Nerdrez (and PHH Mortgage Corporation), 23-CV-2103 (LTS) (S.D.N.Y. Apr. 5, 2023).

In comparison, despite pleadings with legal authorities by Joanna Burke as presented to the District Court Magistrate Judge in Minnesota – who recently represented PHH Mortgage Corporation before appointment to the bench – he refused to transfer the case, instead, electing to dismiss the case without prejudice. This would be affirmed by US District Judge Wilhemina Wright – who has now taken Senior status – and once again the decision to dismiss the case would be affirmed by the 8th Circuit on appeal (en banc stayed and currently pending).

Mislabeling of the Case Number

Furthermore, the Chief Judge accidentally mislabeled the case number in her initial transfer order, which was corrected by the court in her subsequent order.

Once more, and in comparison, when Joanna Burke mislabeled the case number in her bankruptcy case in S.D. Texas Federal court, the clerk’s refused to recognize the mistake and did not file the motions onto the docket.

It is without doubt, when it comes to Joanna Burke’s federal cases, she is being willfully and maliciously targeted and discriminated against by these judges. Certainly, that position should be untenable for US Courts, who are there to uphold the rule of law and protect Joanna’s property rights, civil liberty and access to justice as an impartial tribunal.

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