What is the opposite of trans·par·en·cy?

It looks something like this. You call the court. The clerks hang up on you. The clerks make false statements to you. That’s just the beginning. But here is an example…

I never did find out if Ms. Johnson was on vacation or not. But going on vacation with a pending Rule 12 request & not taking care of it is unacceptable. Even though the Judge is in the one the writes the letter and likely approves the material and whatever else, Sheritta Johnson failed in her duties as Chief Clerk that day…. and many more. I got my Rule 12 request. After Ms. Johnson came back from her possibly imaginary vacation…

After Judge Duble got back from his vacation. Back to back vacations and a late Rule 12 response. ☠

Tonya Grubbs tonyagrubbs@gmail.com Tue, Jul 11, 2023 at 8:18 AM
To: “Johnson, Sheritta (JP)” Sheritta_Johnson@jp.hctx.net, myjp12@jp.hctx.net
Attn: Sheritta Johnson, Rule 12 request for Tonya Grubbs, overdue

Hello and good morning.

I am writing to inquire regarding my Rule 12 Request that I made on June 19 addressed to the Custodian of Records.

Last week when I called for Ms. Johnson I was told that she could not come to the phone at that moment. I said I would hold and the person returned a few mins later said that she was actually on vacation and would be back on Tuesday. It is Tuesday and I hope you had a nice vacation, Ms. Johnson.

I am hoping that you can please provide an update to my request.

Thank you,

Tonya Grubbs

from: Johnson, Sheritta (JP) Sheritta_Johnson@jp.hctx.net
to: Tonya Grubbs tonyagrubbs@gmail.com,
MyJP12 MyJP12@ccl.hctx.net
date: Jul 11, 2023, 12:18 PM
subject: RE: Attn: Sheritta Johnson, Rule 12 request for Tonya Grubbs, overdue

Per our earlier conversation today, Judge Duble will return from his vacation Thursday, July 13th for which we will reply no later than Friday, July 14th.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Sheritta Johnson
Chief Clerk
Office of the Honorable Steven M. Duble
Harris County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Place 2
1302 Preston
Houston, Texas 77002


Ms. Johnson worked for the Justice Courts for twenty years, retired, and then apparently came out of retirement to work for Judge Duble.

And 11 years ago…

Elected Justice of the Peace Hilary Harmon Green repeatedly ordered the eviction of tenants and relatives on behalf of a five-time felon even though she and her husband, City Controller Ron Green, both had financial and personal ties to the home builder.

In one case involving Dwayne K. Jordon – a convicted thief who has admitted to repeatedly pilfering people’s properties for his residential construction projects – Green evicted Jordon’s own uncle despite a dispute over whether Jordon held ownership of the family home.

That ruling, which later was overturned by a county court, came in 2009 – the same year Green’s husband, a lawyer, was paid an undisclosed amount of money to advise Jordon on his criminal case, meet with a Harris County prosecutor and recommend a defense attorney.

Through her clerkHilary Green refused to comment on why she did not recuse herself from more than a dozen matters involving Jordon, who has been her neighbor, her home renovation contractor and for whom her husband has served as a character witness in the pending real estate criminal case.

“Judicial ethics prohibit the Judge from discussing cases filed in this court,” Green’s chief clerk, Sheritta Johnson, wrote in a response to questions that the Houston Chronicle e-mailed to Green. “In accordance with the rules of ethics governing Judges, the Judge cannot speak with you about these cases. All information about each case is contained in the court case file.”

Sheritta Johnson, now Chief Clerk for Judge Steven Duble

The best part about this quote is that she uses the word ‘ethics’ twice as if she has any ethical standards.

Per the chronicle, “Three separate requests for Green’s comment were denied.”

Full article here.

If you’ve been paying attention to my blog posts and my “documentaries”

you will know that the initial culprit that denied me access to the courts was a clerk named Stephanie Cochran. Once the trial was over (but I was told the court still had plenary power) I filed a motion about her behavior in Steve Duble’s court. This motion and the exhibits were:


Nothing. The response I received from Ms. Cochran
Harris County Auditor Email

Eventually I stopped calling the court because I didn’t feel like being treated like shit. What a statement. There is something wrong…

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