Interlocutory Appeal Certification by Pro Se Plaintiff to Correct Manifest Errors

PLAINTIFF, JOANNA BURKES’ BRIEF IN SUPPORT OF MOTION TO CERTIFY DISPOSITIVE INTERLOCUTORY APPEAL AND TO STAY PROCEEDINGS PENDING APPEAL             Pro se, non-prisoner Joanna Burke (“Plaintiff”) submits this Brief in Support of her Motion to Certify Dispositive Issue for Interlocutory Appeal and Stay Proceedings Pending Appeal for the following reasons: BACKGROUND On July 17, 2023,… Continue reading

Texas Officers of the Court Slighting Waiver of Service

PLAINTIFF, JOANNA BURKES’ MOTION FOR ADVANCE APPROVAL OF PROCESS OF SERVICE COSTS AND EXTENSION OF TIME TO SERVE DEFENDANTS Pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 4(d)(2), Joanna Burke (“Plaintiff”) files this motion and states as follows: WAIVER OF PROCESS ATTEMPTS On paper submission of the Plaintiff’s complaint to this court, copies were sent to the… Continue reading