We might as well be in Yemen

<or insert corrupt country here>

Don’t even think about the fact that there is a Texas Constitution. If you live in Texas. Don’t even think about justice if you go to “Justice Court.” All this for a table and the Plaintiff’s claims have original Federal Jurisdiction per the Carmack Amendment. And this hearing is going to be held on January 4, 2023 in a court of no record. Well it will be amusing.

Especially considering the judge actually encouraged the Plaintiff, who is represented by youngster Ross Smith under the Guidance of David Ayers at Bissinger, Oshan, Williams, and Strasburger LLP to file a motion for sanctions for having to respond to my motions.

David Ayers accomplishments include getting the 2nd largest legal malpractice verdict in Texas history – something around $150 million dollars. And now David is slumming it in justice court, supervising Ross in a small claims case with original federal jurisdiction. This mockery of our supposed justice system isn’t even worthy of full discussion. But if you’re curious the case number is 231100132558 and you can go here to see the case. https://jpodysseyportal.harriscountytx.gov/OdysseyPortalJP/

OH but also check out the case before it was transferred for no (good) reason: 221200273496.

If that picture of Eric from Southpark got your hopes up that you’d finally have your 15 minutes, you won’t. Older siblings are much better and you know that.

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