Letters from the High Heavens

And back by popular demand is the best little eviction lawyer in Texas:

Robert Eldridge Bone. 🦴🍗 of OMB Texas Law.

The synopsis for this documentary is as follows:

Robert Bone sent me two letters on March 1, 2022 and March 15, 2022

  • in these letters, Bob referred to his client as Arel Capital. He then referred to Arel Capital, his client, as the owner of the Property I previously lived in a total of at least 15 times
  • Imagine my bewilderment when, after five months of litigation, Bob and Arel Capital filed a Motion for Summary Disposition claiming that Arel Capital is not the owner, nor are they the correct party
  • Gabriel Bousbib, Managing Partner of Arel Capital signed a sworn affidavit claiming the same

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